Longest River In India

Longest River In India || Does Indus River Flow Through India?

The Indus River is among the Longest River In India of the Indo-Greek Plains in the Indian Subcontinent.

It is called by different names such as Indus, Brahmaputra, Saraswati, Khajuraho, etc. It was known as the Ganges in ancient times. Today it is known as the Indus river. The water flows from the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea to the Persian Gulf.

The river has a large impact on the environment because of its numerous tributaries. It carries a large volume of human and animal waste. For this reason, it is considered the biggest polluter in the world.

Does Indus River Flow Through India?

This river passes through India, Pakistan, and China. Since it is the main water source for many agricultural lands, it causes pollution of water bodies. Some of its effluents are found in rivers, lakes, and seas.

The biggest pollution of the Indus is that caused by the discharge of untreated effluents of industries. As a result of industrial effluents, the river becomes polluted with waste material. Some of it can be seen in the form of dead fish, sewage, garbage, chemicals, etc.

Longest River In India

Image by Andromachos Dimitrokallis from Pixabay

Pollution Due To Construction Of Dams

There are various methods to combat the pollution. One of them is the construction of dams. These dams create water storage which prevents the flow of polluted water out. The discharge of polluted water is also controlled by the setting up of aeration and irrigation systems.

Another Method is the Recharging of the Longest River In India

This is done by diverting the river’s water to another area. This diversion method is used to irrigate agricultural lands. This method also helps in storing the accumulated water.

Recharging of the River Basin.

The third method for river rejuvenation is known as recharging of the river basin. This process involves pumping water from the river basin into a basin to restore the water balance.

Other than the methods mentioned above, there are also some other ways to rejuvenate the river. It is not recommended that we depend only on river recharging alone as the river can also become polluted by other factors, such as dumping of industrial waste material and other contaminants.

Indus lake

Image by Abdullah Shakoor from Pixabay

Maintaining the Quality of Longest River In India

To maintain the natural environment, it is important to control the pollution of Longest River In India. This will help in maintaining the quality of life of the Indian people.

Pollution is a major problem faced by all human beings. We need to find out ways to control the pollution in the Indian rivers as this pollution can cause a lot of damage to our rivers, lakes, and other water bodies. The biggest threat of pollution is the effect it has on the natural environment.

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Maintain a Healthy Natural Environment

To maintain a healthy natural environment is to make sure that there is no damage being caused to the environment. Once the water gets polluted, the natural environment will slowly be destroyed and the environment will become uninhabitable.

River rejuvenation is one of the methods that we can implement to keep the natural environment clean and green. This can be done by the implementation of different methods. It will not only help in keeping the rivers clean but also help in keeping our rivers healthy.


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