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Kamakya Temple, Guwahati, Assam || A Guide to The Temple

A Guide to Kamakya Temple

The Kamakhya Temple, also known as the Kamrup Kamakhya temple is a Sakta deity temple dedicated to the most popular and revered Mother Goddess of India – Kamakya. It is also one of the Seven Sakti Pithas. The Kamakya temple is located in Kamdudha, Ujjain district of Rajasthan, India. The temple is decorated with a huge idol of Vishnu and is the most important of all the seven Sakti Pithas in the country.

Kamakya is known as the ‘Queen of Gods’

Kamakya of Kamakhya Temple is known as the ‘Queen of Gods’. She is the most important deity of the Hindu Pantheon. She is one of two female demigods who rules the world and who are often depicted as the consort of Lord Siva. She is the daughter of Vishnu and has many consorts such as Goddess Parvati, Goddess Durga, Goddess Lakshmi and others.

Kamakhya temple

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What is the story behind Kamakhya Temple?

According to the Puranas, Kamakya of Kamakhya Temple was born from a small earth pond. As she grew, she produced four sons; Siva, Dashmool, Kartikas and Vishvanshis. These sons became very jealous and fought among each other. Kamakya gave birth to her fourth son, Vritra. This son was considered as a demon and was banished to a forest. A Brahmin by the name of Dashmool accompanied him. However, both Dashmool and Vritra fell in love with her.

When Vritra and Kamakya were married, they gave birth to nine daughters. The daughters were named after the nine rivers that were in her garden. The daughters were all extremely beautiful. When Vritra fell in love with his own brother Kartikas, he had the brothers poisoned. Since the brothers were dead, Vritra did not have to marry any more daughters. He and Kamakya lived peacefully ever since.

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In order to help out the sisters, Vritra gave Kamakya the ‘Rasayana’ that helps protect the brothers and sisters. This Rasayana is similar to the ‘Rasya’ that helps protect the gods, but Kamakya of Kamakhya Temple gave her it only if he could protect all the nine sisters. and it was through this Rasayana that she protected them. The Rasayana allows one sister to hide in a secret place so that all the brothers cannot be killed by their brother.

Kamakya of Kamakhya Temple is also worshiped by Hindus. In addition to her many consorts, she is also worshiped as a ‘Diety’. Her priests, known as ‘Vishnu’Laksha’, are considered to be the ‘Maharaja’ of all the nine sisters. It is believed that if a Brahmin marries a sister, he will be blessed with all nine daughters.


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