Places To Visit In North East India

Places To Visit In North East India For Tourists Minds People

Places To Visit In North East India

Northeast India is a very beautiful part of India, which is full of natural wonders.  Thick forests, high mountains, beautiful valleys, roaring waterfalls make this place even more exciting and beautiful.  This beautiful place is still saved from urban-cause and modernization, due to which there are many beautiful places here, which gives a feeling to the tourists’ minds. There are innumerable places to visit in Northeast India, the most notable of which is the lush green valleys that are one of the Best Places To Visit In North East India.  All these valleys flow fresh cold water rivers which make them more fertile and rich in flora and fauna.  So, how about starting a journey to these real valleys of Northeast India?

Barak Valley

The Barak Valley in the southern region of Assam is named after the Barak River.  It consists of Cachar, Karimganj and Hailakandi districts, with its main city being Silchar in Cachar district.  Currently, the Barak Valley is moving towards development, but still, the beauty of this valley remains intact.  Even today, large areas of fragrant evergreen forests and rainforests can be seen in the northern and southeastern parts of this valley.

Situated in Barak Valley, this forest is home to many rare birds and animals, slowly this beautiful valley is deteriorating due to human intervention.  Therefore, before visiting this beautiful place, one must visit this place once which is one of the best places to visit in north east India


Dining valley

The Dining Valley lies between the mountain range of the eastern Himalayas and the Dihing River, one of the largest tributaries of the Brahmaputra River.  This valley is famous for its nut-nut production, thanks to the Brahmaputra River, which makes the place extremely fertile.

Tawang Valley (Best Places To Visit In North East India)

The Tawang Valley is one of the beautiful valleys in the Mizoram state.  It is named after the river Talav, whose tributaries include Tut, Teri and Nagshih.  The Tawang River is fertile land and rich in wildlife-flora. best places to visit in north east india

Brahmaputra Valley

Located in the North Bengal region of Assam, the Brahmaputra Valley is one of the most fertile valleys in the world.  The fertility rich fertile soil of this valley comes from the Brahmaputra, Asia’s major river.  The climate of this valley is cold due to being surrounded by two great mountain ranges of Eastern and Western Himalayas.

Due to the fact that this place is considered suitable for walking in the summer season, tourists visiting here can enjoy the cool climate on the river banks of the beautiful Brahmaputra valley.


Kaziranga National Park of Assam

Kaziranga National Park in Assam is a popular tourist destination among tourists.  Which is known worldwide for its one-horned rhino?

About 2401 rhinoceros live here.  The park falls in the border area of ​​Golaghat and Nagaon district of the state.  You can enjoy the jungle safari excitingly here.  Apart from this, you can also see various species of wild animals and birds here.

Rain capital (Best Places To Visit In North East India)

Cherrapunji is the rainiest place after Masinram of Meghalaya.  Which is also addressed by the rain capital.  This entire wetland is situated at an altitude of about 1300 meters above sea level.  The distance of Cherrapunjee from Shillong is just 60 km.  Tourists come from all over the country and abroad to visit during the rainy season.  During this time, the view here becomes very beautiful.

There is no answer to the natural beauty here.  The waterfalls are worth seeing during the rainy season.  You can see the famous waterfall Nohkalikai waterfall here.  Apart from this, the ancient caves here can also become part of your travel diary.  Please tell that Cherrapunji has now been renamed as Sohra.


Gangtok, Sikkim

Gangtok is the beautiful capital city of the state of Sikkim.  Which is known all over the world for its natural beauty?  You can enjoy the exciting views of the beautiful Himalayan peaks from here.  Apart from this, Gangtok is also known for its ancient monasteries, temples, and palaces.  Gangtok is full of attractive tourist spots.  Somgo Lake, Rumtek Monastery, Inhenchi Monastery, Tashiling, Pelling, Suk-La-Khang, Anche Gompa, Flower Exhibition Center, Deer Park, Ganesh Tok, Orchid Sanctuary are some of the beautiful places to plan a trip to.

Majuli River Island, Assam

Majuli Island, located on the Brahmaputra River in Assam, is the largest river island in the earth.  Spread over 875 sq km, people from all over the world are waiting to see this island.  Majuli’s name has also been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records due to its huge size.  Majuli is very popular among tourists visiting Assam. best places to visit in north east India

It is not just a river island but you can also see the folk art culture of Assam up close.  This place is an ideal place for nature lovers and photographers.  You can enjoy sightseeing along with the Tenjapania site here.

Bishnupur, Manipur

Bishnupur in Manipur is a beautiful site surrounded by dense forests and vast grasslands.  Which is considered a holy land because of its amazing temples and ancient relics?

If you want to visit the temples of Northeast India, then Bishnupur can be an ideal option for you.

Here you can visit temples like Rasmancha, Jorebangala Temple, Panch Ratna Temple, Dal Madol, Susuniya Pahar, Shyamrai Temple, Siddheshwar Temple, Radha Shyam Temple, and Sridhar Temple.  Apart from this, you can also enjoy a visit to Kabul Lamjao National Park here.


Nathula Pass, Sikkim (Best Places To Visit In North East India)

Nathula Pass in Sikkim being a part of the ancient silk route, North East India is an attractive tourist destination.  This pass is very popular among trekkers and travelers visiting Sikkim.  It is said that you can feel the mountains here as well as this place is also known for Best Eco Point.

Where you can hear its buzzing sound through deep valleys and high peaks.  Apart from this, you can also see the beautiful peaks of the Himalayas here.

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