Amritsar Weather

Amritsar Weather – Weather Report According To Previous Years

The Amritsar weather is semitropical with monthly average temperatures of 14.5 C. With a typical warm summer and cool spring, the Amritsar weather rarely dips below the freezing mark of 7 C. However, the monsoons make up for a short spell with monthly temperature increasing to below freezing for a few months in a row. The precipitation forms on mainly the Central Indian Plains and the Western Ghats. The rainy season is from January to March and the winds tend to be light during the month of April.

Amritsar Weather According To Previous Years

The Amritsar is a city in Punjab, The most famous landmark in this city is the City Palace, which was built in the twelfth century by a ruler named Jai Singh. This palace is still the pride of the city to this day and it boasts an amazing fort that has served as the national park for jungle research since 1960.

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Amritsar is well connected with other cities in the country through air travel and rail services and is considered to be the gateway to the foothills. The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Delhi) and Ruparel College is located here and the winter sports of badminton, golf and cricket are very popular in this city. The Amritsar weather is semitropical with monthly average temperatures of 14.5 C.

Although the weather is semitropical with the temperature November being around zero with the wind blowing from the west and the east, the monsoon season happens to be rather cold and is generally between June and September or October and November. The average temperature during the November to February is close to twenty-four degrees Celsius. Summers are mostly hot and humid and June, August and September are considered to be the rainy season.

Amritsar Weather

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How is the weather in Amritsar?

There are many tourists who visit Amritsar  during the summer season as Amritsar weather has a warm climate with temperatures rising to thirty-five to forty-five degree Celsius. The monsoons have a slight impact on the Amritsar weather and the summers are generally milder than the winters. There are many hotels which are available both for tourists staying in the city and for those who wish to rent a room. There are many places that offer tours to different parts of India and the Amritsar tour is one of them. The tour starts from the hotel’s gateways and visitors can enjoy a walk over the Punjab plains and the Golden Triangle Mountains and can also explore the jail temples of Punjab.

What is famous to buy in Amritsar?

According to Amritsar Weather, there are several good Amritsar hotels which offer affordable rates to its visitors. These include the Taj Krishna, Hotel Pushpak Bagh and Sariska Villa. November and December are considered to be the rainy season in Amritsar with the average daily temperature being about twenty-five to twenty-six degree Celsius. The monsoons do not have an impact on the evening temperature as the evening temperature is just fifteen to sixteen degree Celsius. The sun is shining at the tip of the palms throughout the year and the warm breeze makes the evening feel extremely pleasant.

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